Saturday, April 20, 2013

Emerging from the morning mist

As today is Saturday, it is my habit to take Mocha the dog for a long, off the leash, walk in the hills behind our house. We started out at about 6:45 in the morning, and as winter seems to have returned to our parts, there wasn't very much light at this hour. On the path leading up to the graveyard, I could see two figures looming out of the mist: one seemed to be the size of a dog, so I assumed that the second figure was the dog's owner.

As I came closer, I became puzzled about these two figures. For a start, they weren't moving at all, and the larger figure didn't seem to be a person - in fact, it didn't seem to have an upper body at all. Was I hallucinating? When I came much closer, I could see that in fact I was looking at a donkey and its foal. Mocha had been interested in some smells arising from the vegetation so she had been behind me, but shortly she came up and started trotting towards the donkeys. They in turn started moving away from us. 

Judging by the route that they took, they probably came from an encampment of Bedouin which is sited a few kilometers from the kibbutz. 

I couldn't get very close for a picture (every time I tried, they retreated), so below is the best that I could do.

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