Monday, March 18, 2013

Pictures from a balcony (4)

The first picture is not from the balcony nor of the balcony but rather the entrance to our building. From this angle, it's hard to see the entrance as the kumquats are hiding it. I am trying to give the impression that we live in a tropical paradise and that the vegetation hides ugly things such as buildings. That's not far from the truth.

For years, I wondered how we had such a vigorous kumquat tree on our side of the building as no one planted it and no one seemed to look after it. Presumably a seed fell from the tree on the other side of the entrance which took root; water came from the tap in the bottom right hand corner of the picture (if one looks closely, one can see a coiled hosepipe stored on the wall). There must have been a leak in the plumbing and the young kumquat drew its water from this source.

Whilst looking at the collection of pictures on my computer, I came across the one below which must have been taken just after the balcony had been built but before we had begun to decorate it. Somehow it looks larger in this naked state.

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