Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Motorbikes (2)

I can definitely get used to my new motorbike! It's very quiet even though it's moving fast. The bike is heavier than the previous one - 110 kg as opposed to 85 kg - which becomes apparent when cornering or taking it on or off its stand. There is a bigger fuel tank - 7.5 litres - which means that I need refuel only once every three weeks (I'm assuming 20 km/l, which may be a modest assumption). Now that I think of it, my 120cc London bike's fuel tank capacity was 1 gallon and I used to get 100 miles/gallon. That seems to be equivalent to 35.2 km/l!

After posting those pictures the other day, I remembered that I had some early photos of myself and motorbikes. The first is from December 1970 when I was 14 - obviously too young to drive! I was just posing on my father's 50cc scooter on which I used to ride pillion every morning to school. I thought that the picture was from a year or two earlier. Unfortunately, the camera angle is too high: there's more tree than motorbike. Of course, in those days, the time between taking a photograph and actually seeing it could be a matter of days, if not months, so there was never any chance to review one's shots. Photography was so expensive that we never took multiple pictures; instead we took a long time framing the shots (obviously I didn't take this picture). It's not like today when there is instant review and one can take as many pictures as one likes.

The second picture is from June 1976, when I was nearly 20 (note the clogs which I had just started wearing). This is clearly taken outside of the house where I used to live in London and shows the motorbike in loving detail. There were a few other pictures from this time but they didn't concentrate on the bike.

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