Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Research Proposal exam results

I was informed last night that my exam had been marked and that the results would shortly be made available on the university web site. I was disappointed to discover that my mark was only 58 - it's a pass, to be sure, but not exactly the mark that I was expecting. Presumably my disappointment is due to the fact that I thought that I did well: had I been expecting less, I wouldn't have minded so much.

What can I learn from this? In time, I will have to write my own research proposal, but by that time, I will have forgotten the exam and my answers. I will be able to write the proposal with frequent reference to the course material (which no longer has to be remembered) and so the proposal should be satisfactory.

Did I treat the course with less respect than was needed? This is difficult to answer; certainly during the three weeks previous to the exam, I worked as hard on this course as I had as on my previous courses. I did feel that the course was easier (possibly even much easier) than the MBA courses, certainly containing less material. In which case, the moral of this episode is treat IBR2 (the literature review) with greater respect and to devote to it several concentrated hours a week.

The IBR2 exam is at the beginning of June; I discovered yesterday that the MBA degree ceremony will be held on 19 June.

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