Thursday, January 31, 2013

DBA exam results (not yet)

I have been waiting and waiting for the result of the exam 'Introduction to Business Research 1' to appear - I should have received it six weeks after the exam and that date has already passed. Originally I had intended not to enroll in the second course, "Introduction to Business Research 2 - The literature review", until I had the result but decided otherwise a few days ago. I downloaded the course text today and will start reading in due course.

I wrote to the university asking what had happened and received the following reply (which I have edited slightly): I regret that as you took the exam in Israel, your exam paper has only just been returned to us from the British Council. As you sat in English, your paper will need to be marked by our marker who is not in the office at present (but will be in the office in due course). However, I will ensure that your results are released to you as soon as possible, but cannot guarantee this before the end of next week.

I find it extremely hard to understand why the local British council took so long to send the paper to Edinburgh. As far as I can see, they should have sent the paper within a few days.

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