Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lucky break

I saw the film "Lucky Break" the other night and thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't know why most of the IMDB reviewers dissed it. True, I doubt very much that prison life is as depicted in the film; I would be more afraid of my fellow prisoners and less of the prison guards (there was a moment of such fear when Jimmy Hands had his head covered in a plastic bin liner and taken to see the new block 'king').

Any film with James Nesbitt, Bill Nighy, Timothy Spall and especially Olivia Williams is going to be a pleasurable experience. Nighy and Spall join forces again after their appearance in "Still crazy".

Side note: Nesbitt's sidekick, Rudy, is played by Lennie James. I was surprised to see that Lennie appeared in 'Cold feet' as Rachel's first husband (Kris "with a K"), whereas Nesbitt was Rachel's second husband (Adam). So, in one instance, actors Nesbitt and James were antagonists whereas in another instance, they were best mates.

A smaller but similar coincidence happened in the BBC series 'Survivors' about which I was going to write but decided not to; in my opinion, this series did not live up to its potential and was very scattered at the end. Anyway, lead actress was Julie Graham, and one of her tribe was played by the ubiquitous Paterson Joseph, who seems to be cast in a huge number of television shows (he even appeared in one or two episodes of 'Cold feet'). Julie played the eponymous Mary in 'William and Mary', and Paterson played Reuben, the father of her children.

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