Thursday, June 28, 2007

The results of fire

I haven't had internet access at home for the past few days; I traced the problem to a faulty network card, but wasn't able to do much about it. Yesterday I was able to enter the office building at work; I extricated about eight computers so that most of the office staff could start work in a temporary office, and I also took a network card for myself. Once home (much much later in the evening) I installed the card and within a few moments I had internet access.

It's amazing considering how much damage had been done to the rest of the factory that the offices were completely untouched. When I went in, there was no electricity and the air had a bad smell to it. There have been people from the Ministry of the Environment onsite since the fire started, and they now say the air is safe to breathe.

Here are some photos, some of which appear to have been taken from a miniature helicopter. The first is a view from the kibbutz, which is higher than the factory; the photo was taken about 200 metres from my house, from which the factory can't be seen as there are trees in the way.

A huge plume of smoke:

Fire by night:

The final picture was taken the next day and shows quite clearly the extent of the damage done. The office block is the unscathed building at the bottom of the picture, and for those who care, my office is the right most window, next to the tree.

See how twisted and damaged is the roof; one can only imagine how high the temperature was in order to create such mayhem.

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